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About us

Our Sustainable Home Goals

You might have heard about the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the UN, but you might also have found them a bit hard to relate to your daily life...that's why on a late night of September 2017, with my roommates, we decided to create the Sustainable Home Goals, 17 goals to live a sustainable life with people you care about and who make you grow. 

To be part of the Impact Home network, you would have to commit to these Sustainable Home Goals and embrace these values in your daily life! 

We hope these SHGs would be inspiring, conversation starter, but most importantly, behavior changers! 

our co-Founders:
Melanie Mossard.png
Melanie Mossard

CEO and Community Director

Networker. Adventurer. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Currently looking for a co-founder with great organizational skills, who love people, and believe in the future of Impact Home!

Interested in having a chat? Drop me a message on LinkedIn here.

How and why did I come up with the idea?

I am a very extroverted person and I love meeting like-minded inspiring people, but I always find hard to have a deep conversation when we only meet someone at an event or at a networking night.
I am also traveling often and I used to experience very boring experiences by staying at some ho(s)tel or even doing Couchsurfing. For me, the success of a trip depends on the people I will meet who will be able to share their passion, their convictions and the work they do to make our planet better place to live!

Naturally, in my home in Cambodia, I started hosting people changemakers from all across the world, making documentaries about sustainable fashion, the future of education, positive engineering or even the Low-Tech of tomorrow!
After sharing dinner, laugh and our stories, the magic chemistry happened: we all learned so much from each other and built last-long friendships in a very short amount of time. I realized that when we open our home to "strangers", we are becoming more vulnerable and we more willing to have more meaningful conversations and share honest opinions.

And as a traveler, I started staying over or sharing dinner with people I got connected with from global communities of changemakers, as an alternative to Couchsurfing. The experience was fabulous and I could really sense another reality and the potential of the country I was staying, in a short amount of time.

As we are now all friends, it's also now much easier to recommend each other opportunities, share information and recommendations, as we really trust each other.

...and then I started sharing these experiences with my friends, and they suggested "why not making it bigger? allowing any local changemaker to become an Impact Home Host, anywhere in the world?" 🤔 and I said: "Oooh! This is VERY exciting and this is what I am REALLY passionate about! I deeply believe in the multiplier effect. When you connect 2 amazing people together, only unexpected beautiful things can happen! Let's make it a startup!..called Impact Home". 💁

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