Join the TRIBE

Benefits of joining the TRIBE

Connect with like-minded people while you are in your business trip

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Get access to the local community of change-makers

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Share memories

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Build last-long friendships

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become an Impact Home?

You have to : 1 - Be recommended by an exisiting member already running an Impact Home. 2 - Agree to embrace the "Sustainable Home Goals" 3 - Be connected with local change-makers 4 - Located in a city where there is no other Impact Home 5 - Be able to host AND/OR for dinner - a couch is enough if you can host for a night!

Do you have to pay anything?

No, Impact Home is free! Thought you are welcome to share expenses for the food!

What are the requirements to be an Impact Home guest?

You have to : 1 - Be a change-maker! 2 - Agree to embrace the "Sustainable Home Goals" 3 - Want to be connected with other local change-makers 4 - Travel with a purpose / for impact work 5 - Cook your favorite dish to your guests

What should I expect by staying in an Impact Home?

1- Share deep conversations and laugh with your hosts! 2 - Build last-long friendships 3 - Share your own story 4 - Get connected with local-changemakers